Please vote Tuesday

On the eve of the primary election, I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who has supported me during this lengthy campaign. If elected tomorrow (and again in the general in November) I commit to doing my best to represent District 32 in Juneau.  I will encourage public input and take constituent concerns to the Legislature, while working hard to balance the budget and provide services. Please take time out of your busy schedule to vote tomorrow – it is both a right and an obligation in our democratic society.  

Thank you – Carol Austerman

Terry Haines for Carol Austerman

Thank you Terry Haines for this Facebook post

For what its worth here’s my take on the State House race from a Kodiak perspective. For all you Democrats who will reflexively check the D on the ballot I recommend against it. Politically Mr. McCune falls right in line with our two more moderate Republican candidates. And his long history with the United Fishermen of Alaska has been representing SE issues primarily, and frankly Kodiak has historically been dissed by UFA. Of our three Kodiak candidates I am in the same position as most of us- its a tough choice. Mrs. Stutes is a friend and well known for her principles. Mr. Walker has been a delight to work with on the City Council and is a talented people person. But in the end I will be voting for Carol Austerman. Her temperament and background will give her the best foot forward as a freshman. She has shown herself to be a consensus builder on the Assembly rather than a pit fighter. This is what we need in Juneau. But if you must vote Dem, I suggest you write in Terry Haines, or Michael Mouse.

Terry Haines

KMXT District 32 Debate

District 32 Debate on

Please become an informed voter before you head to the polls on Tuesday the 19th. Take time to listen to the debate that aired on 8/12 on KMXT to understand how candidates feel about issues and what we can each bring to the table for our District in Juneau.

Click here to go to the KMXT website – click the “open in popup” or “download MP3″ links at the top of the page to hear the debate in it’s entirety.



Bruce Schactler for Carol Austerman

Thank you Bruce for your wonderful Facebook post!

I am very impressed with Carol Austerman and the way she is carrying herself through this campaign to represent us in Juneau. It’s been all about our needs as a community and what it will take in this next legislature to not only address them, but to accomplish as much as possible towards those COMMON issues. For me, it is not about who can find the most places for signs or a particular special focus on one issue or interest! Carol has shown us all how hard she will work to make Kodiak the best place possible to live. Her knowledge of the issues at hand and the needs of all of the Kodiak Island residents was glaringly clear and most impressive at the debate. Thank you Carol for committing your time and energy
for our common benefit!

Bruce Schactler

Pebble Mine on Hotline

So I heard on Hotline this morning on KVOK that someone thinks I’m supporting Pebble Mine. I just would like to clarify that our fisheries resource is critical to the long term viability of our State and I do not support Pebble. I do support mining efforts in the state, but not one of that size, in that place, with that level of risk.

KDM Letter to Editor – Marita Kaplan for Carol Austerman

Austerman is best choice

To the Editor:

Carol Austerman will get my vote on August 19th.

Carol has proven to me that I can trust her judgement, her willingness to work for her community.

What I like in regards to her work on the Borough Assembly is her enthusiasm to bring our community forward, she supported major improvements to our quality of life in Kodiak by advocating for the hew high school, the new nursing home, the swimming pool and especially continuation of funding for our nonprofits which are essential to the quality of life we enjoy in this remote location; all of this without raising taxes. Carol knows to do her research before acting on a matter, she builds consensus across party lines, she represents Kodiak well in Juneau. I have been talking to new residents of Kodiak who have made a decision to settle here because of the new and high quality facilities and services we have here including the new high school, the pool and even the new police station. This is a great community not because we are keeping the status quo but because we are forward looking and moving into the 21st century. With Carol Austerman in the State House we will have the best representation we can hope for, so give her your vote as well.

Marita Kaplan

KDM Letter to Editor – Amy Willis for Carol Austerman

Austerman will take care of Kodiak

To the Editor,

As a lifelong Alaskan, with 40 years calling Kodiak home, I would like to say how pleased I am that we have so many candidates willing to represent our district in Juneau.  It takes a selfless spirit to be willing to represent your community as an elected official, and I admire each candidate for that.

I would like to encourage you to vote for Carol Austerman.  Carol and I grew up here and attended Kodiak High School together. As KHS seniors, we traveled to Washington, D.C. as part of the Close Up program. This trip, along with the political service of her father, Alan Austerman, inspired her to go back to D.C. after graduation to work as an intern, and continue learning government service. She returned to attend the University of Alaska, Anchorage and earned a degree in political science.

Carol puts a great deal of her energy into  supporting our community. She works hard as an elected official and is active in Kodiak’s business community.  Carol is an advocate for kids and Kodiak  schools. A strong leader for us at the borough level,  she is prepared to represent Kodiak interests at the state level.  

 Please join me in voting for Carol Austerman for State House.

 Amy Willis

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In case you missed it on My Facebook Page, here it is.  You’ll get a quick overview of my background and how I feel on the issues of fishing, education, and the future of Alaska and District 32.

We are builders of the future, not custodians of the present…Leading the way…


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Absentee & In Person Early Voting

Absentee and In Person early voting is available now through August 18th.  If there is a chance you won’t be able to vote at the polls on August 19th, please get out and vote EARLY!

If you are flying on August 19th, most Alaska airports will have polling locations with every district ballot. Be sure to leave time between flights to find the polling place.

Click this link to find the early voting location for your area.

i voted today



Carol Austerman for State House

I’m very pleased with how the ad in the Cordova Times turned out!

Austerman CT 08-08